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Kester valve group
Kester valve group was established in 2003 and registered in Shanghai on March 30, 1993. The group has total assets of RMB 500 million. , there are 16 independent company and a wholly owned subsidiary, Keith valve group co., LTD., valves: the hacker BoAn, fluid co., LTD. (a variety of business and material circulation) see the announcement on the website. Production base Shanghai, huzhou. The annual production value has reached 400 million RMB. The group now has 652 employees, with more than 24% of the total employees. Group "nature and humanity" as the business philosophy, "to produce world-class pipe equipment" for the purpose, in the perfect continuously explore innovative development, has won the "national high-tech enterprise", "Shanghai famous brand", "Shanghai top ten enterprises" and other honors, now ranks of the industry's top five in Shanghai.
  • There aresixteenindependent companies.
  • With total assets of500 millionRMB.
  • The group now has652employees.
  • It has71patents for intellectual property rights.
Chester valve manufacturers and exporters as an international brand, since its establishment committed to the valve research and development manufacturing, 71 with independent intellectual property patents and 11 items national major scientific and technological achievements, and the smooth completion of the national development and reform commission issued task. Group has the advanced computer and finish machining equipment and multi-station nc machine tools, machining center, large CNC vertical lathe, large drilling center, plasma welding, heat treatment equipment and ultrasonic cleaning equipment, etc. The degree of automation is catching up with the advanced level of foreign countries, which can meet the production and processing of products under any working conditions (such as hydrovalve, black water valve, discharge valve, etc.). Group has quality inspection and testing center, has all kinds of material chemical analysis, such as spectrum analyzer, metallographic analyzer, mechanical performance test, impact test materials such as test equipment, testing equipment at low temperature, medium and high voltage up to 10000 lb. Ensure that the products provided to the customer are qualified and conform to the quality standard products (ANSI, HG, NB, JB, JIS, DIN, NF, BS). The testing center is continuously improving the corresponding high-grade equipment. Main products: valve complete series, automatic valve series, large ball valve, high temperature and high pressure special valves, piping accessories. Material used: WCB, WC6, WC9, 904 l, F91, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CF51, B148, B - 320 alloy steel, C276, zirconium alloy steel C276, 702, X750, British nair, TA2, and TC4 titanium alloy, MONEL MONEL alloy. Working temperature from 196 ℃ to 1450 ℃, pressure from 1.0 MPA to 42.0 MPA (150 lb to 10000 lb), the valve diameter from 10 mm to 4000 mm (1/4 "- 160"). The products are used in large-scale coal chemical, petroleum, pipeline transportation, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, thermal power, nuclear power, metallurgy, coal mine, pharmaceutical military products, shipbuilding and other fields. Service of large foreign customers are: BP, bayer (Germany), Honda, Formosa plastics, basf, roche (Switzerland) toray chemical, GE, Pepsi cola, the world top 500 enterprises such as Goodyear tire. As well as domestic metallurgy, baosteel group, huaneng, huadian, datang, guodian, sinopec, petrochina, cnooc, blue star, China coal, shenhua, Yang coal, jin coal and so on.
The group has applied the advanced management concept to the management of the factory, successively passed the ISO9001, ISO14000, TSO28000, CE, TS and other certifications. And make sure that the company strictly abide by the customer and certification standards in all management and strictly execute. Kester's technology is constantly breaking through and improving, and exporting it to KIST brands. It is also gradually manufacturing standard products that accord with European, American and Japanese standards, consistent with international quality products. With the philosophy of "harmony between man and nature", we pay attention to the balanced development of all employees and develop a professional, efficient management and service team. I'm sure kester will be better tomorrow! In the professional field, will continue to challenge! Never stop. The valve technology, technology and operation are continuously improved, striving to be the standard of the world class enterprise, and strive to make up 1% of the industry and 1% of the world!

"Harmony between man and nature" is the guiding principle of philosophy.

The aim is to produce world-class plumbing equipment.

Application industry

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